Accounting Consultancy for Individuals and Corporate Clients

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At touch accounting consultancy, our firm specializes in the preparation of income tax returns for individuals, corporations, partnerships, estates and trusts. In addition the firm provides tax planning for both individuals and corporate clients both foreign and domestic. For more information visit the site


Professional, Friendly and Expert Accounting

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We offer professional, friendly and expert accounting, tax, and business advice. We are small enough to keep our focus on your needs and give you the level of service your business deserves. As part of the in touch Accountants Group we are able to access resources and a range of services other firms of our size can’t. We endeavor to comprehend the needs of every customer, and accomplish the in touch Accountants maxim, enhancing lives through business achievement. In touch Accountants enjoys communicating with clients and building strong business relationships.

We take care of your accounting & tax work, make sure you are not paying more tax than you need to, and make sure your assets are protected. You will have better information, faster, and you won’t have to deal with the IRD. Once your books are in order, we will recommend tools for you to make your life easier, and your business more efficient.

As Accountants in Auckland we provide you with advice when your business needs it, not just when you ask for it. We help you manage every aspect of your business and because we establish a one-on-one relationship with each of our clients, our advice is tailor-made for your business.

As a firm of Affordable Accountants, our accounting services are at the core of what we do, but where we think we’re different is in our holistic approach to business development and strategic planning to help you build a better business and ultimately greater wealth.

Accountants we have a wide range of business services on offer. We have always prided ourselves in our ability to provide excellent service to our clients, which can be as little or as much as you want depending upon your needs, skills and time availability. Our range of services is listed below; however please feel free to contact us direct for more information.

Company / Business Formation -Whatever the case maybe, the decision to go into business for you is a big step and you need the right advice and guidance when you take this step.

Company / Business Income Tax -When calculating your company taxation there are a lot of factors to be considered e.g. depreciation, losses carried forward, deductible expenses etc.

GST / PAYE / FBT- The GST system is a complex and confusing one. Consequently In touch Accountants ensures our team remains up to date with any changes, enabling us to offer you accurate advice.

Accounting for Contractors- Whether you have just started contracting or if you have been contracting for a while and need to get your accounts in good order, we can help.

Rental Property Accounting- Whether you are just starting out on a new venture in the rental property world or if you already have rental properties that require affordable accounting.

Personal Income Tax-Whether you are just starting out on a new venture in the rental property world or if you already have rental properties that require affordable accounting.

Get Your Refund-If you are a wage/salary earner, it is vital to get your Personal Income Tax checked annually as you could be due for a refund. For more information visit the site

Affordable Accountant and Tax Solution

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At in touch accountants we treat our clients with courtesy and integrity. We guarantee efficient, honest tax service. Our years of experience ensure that your tax preparation is in good hands. In touch accountants gives monetary administrations to both people and organizations. We give the same thoughtfulness regarding all customers, regardless of how substantial or little. The bookkeeping, assessment arrangement, and other money related administrations we give are customized to the one of kind needs of every customer, guaranteeing the conceivable results and amplified returns. We are all around educated and ceaselessly adjust to the regularly changing universe of assessment law and accounting.

Do you need help with tax preparation? Are you a business owner who is in need of professional, knowledgeable expertise in the areas of accounting or tax planning? Maybe you are an individual that needs assistance with retirement planning. Whatever your needs are, from taxes to retirement planning, we are here to help.

Many business owners make the mistake of hiring tax professionals only on financial year-end, rather than integrating tax planning in their overall business strategy. Tax planning, financial planning and business analysis are essential to make certain that your business is fiscally managed and prepared for market uncertainty and competition. Tax rules are stringent and complex. If reports and filings are not made properly and in a timely fashion, a negative impact on your business could be experienced.

It is the goal of in touch accountants to be recognized for its operational excellence, technological expertise and the quality of products and services we provide the community. Please navigate the site and learn more about our business and personal financial solutions.

As Affordable Accountant is in the best position to help streamline accounting processes and offer the sound financial guidance that will steer your business towards success. We help manage cash flow, handle your bookkeeping and develop tax strategies to save you money. You can be confident, knowing your finances are in good hands with in touch accountants. We realize that no two clients are alike so we’re interested in learning about you and your business goals.

We’re dedicated to finding practical accounting solutions for all kinds of small businesses and helping all of our clients save money on taxes. We’re committed to helping each client save money, increase profits and build a successful business. We take the time to learn about your business then forge a plan to assist you with all of your accounting and bookkeeping needs, saving you valuable time and resources.

We also provide payroll services that enable your employees to be paid on time. Our staff is able to coordinate with designated personnel to receive required payroll information, and can complete your staff payroll within agreed time deadlines.

Outsourcing company bookkeeping and payroll tasks enables business owners to spend time on building their businesses instead of allocating valuable time to administrative tasks. Delegation of administrative tasks is a key component of building any business and is one of the ways that in touch accountants helps business owners grow their companies. For more information visit the site .

Specific Accounting and Bookkeeping Systems

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We have specific accounting service and bookkeeping systems that will make it much easier and more efficient to keep track of your profits and reduce your stress. Make and appointment today to learn more. Our business is built on the strong foundations of family and trusted professional relationships. We uphold our vision because we are a family firm, proudly having five family members work with us.

Rental Property Accounting Services

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At In touch accounting services we provide a full range of services to large businesses, family operated businesses, business owners, investors and superannuation entities. We offer a quick, easy and cost effective way to meet your rental property tax obligations and obtain any refund due. We are registered tax agents with Inland Revenue which allows us to offer a streamlined service when completing your rental property tax return.

Our trained staff is fully up to date with the tax rules regarding rental properties in New Zealand. Due to the nature of investment properties in New Zealand and the associated tax benefits the majority of our client’s receive a tax refund as a result of our service.

Accurate efficient accounting, timely tax compliance, effective tax minimization from a helpful professional team providing fabulous client service. Using In touch accounting for your accounting & tax returns is a smart choice to maintain a healthy IRD relationship at fair and reasonable pricing. Here’s a quick overview of our rental property accounting services.

Are you feeling the economic decline? Are you thinking about downsizing and managing your own real estate investment property? Do you feel apprehensive with the accounting process? If so, please give us a call. We will provide you with our customized accounting services that will help you thrive during these difficult times. Our comprehensive accounting services are designed to complete your daily financial record-keeping tasks as well as your month-end closing tasks, followed by preparation of your monthly financial reports and analysis of your business.

In touch Accountants has been very helpful in answering our questions promptly. Thank you very much for the service provided. It makes the tax and accounting process a little less painful and daunting. A fantastic accounting team to work with, advising to get the best tax return possible. Competitive accounting rates that keep us smiling. Most investment property owners lack the desire to properly manage their property as well as the management detail required for proper record keeping and reporting. As an independent contractor, in touch Accountants can do it for you.

Our successful relationships with our rental property owners and investors are underwritten by a strong adherence to the basics, supported with finely maintained, fully computerized property management and financial record keeping.

In touch Accountants handles all aspects of managing your rental property including tenant placement, tenant relations, property maintenance, rent collections and all accounting aspects for your properties. So if you just don’t have the time to manage your own investment properties or don’t have the desire to deal with the daily tenant issues, Personal Property Managers is the right solution for you.

Our goal is to make owning rental or investment property easy and stress-free way of building your long term wealth. We can advise prospective rental property purchasers on how to make their investment tax effective.

We understand the challenges of rental property owners, such as dealing with vacancies, repairs, depreciation and other expenses. We also know how well-managed rental property owners operate, and we can apply this knowledge to help you achieve or surpass industry financial benchmarks by providing quality financial and sound business advice. For more information visit the site .

Professional and Efficient Accounting

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Intouch Accountants is dedicated to providing an affordable, professional and efficient accounting service to small and medium businesses. This includes all aspects of accounting services. We pride ourselves on the personal service provided to our clients. We help you find the right balance to suit the needs of your business, so you don’t spend unnecessary time on compliance, but get the results you need.