Small Businesses across the New Zealand

We believe it is necessary in the early stages of business to learn the value of great accounting and what it can bring to the table. We focus on collaborating with the business owner to discover your needs and create accounting statements that you can not only use but really understand to ensure your business grows and flourishes.

If you are unhappy with the current service you are getting from your accountant, shop around. Just because you engage the services of an accountant doesn’t mean you have to stay with them year after year. In fact, unless you have been lucky to find a great accountant who not only provides a reliable service but is also competitive on accountancy fees, it makes perfect sense to check out other services on the market. Changing accountants isn’t a difficult process. Once you have found a new accountant all you need to do is inform your current accountant and give your authorization to release your details over to your newly chosen accountant. It’s easy as that. Our accounting services allow you to run your business without having to actually med the accountant face to face. However we do invite clients to our offices if they would like to have a face to face meeting with our accountant.

We believe that all small businesses should be able to access a suitably qualified and experienced accountant and our online accountant business model certainly allows us to offer this service across the New Zealand. We are much more than simply an “Affordable Accountant” and offer our clients excellent customer service matched with the accountancy skills and expertise you need when running your business. We know what it’s like to operate a small business and we know that there are enough costs in doing so. This is why we offer a more affordable and simply cheaper alternative to an expensive high street accountant.

We removed the expensive high street location, the fancy decor, the coffee machine and polite receptionist and replaced all of that with a dedicated and affordable online accounting service which is available to all small businesses across the New Zealand. We offer a high quality personal service whether it is online or in person. We take the time to know you and your business. We provide tailored accounting and tax solutions at an affordable fixed price leaving you time to concentrate on running your business.

Choosing an In touch Accountants, accountant is important, and you’ll need a company who has experience and a client-based approach. In touch Accountants has all of that for you, and we’ll work hard to ensure that you’re accommodated. Our firm’s put in decades of hard work helping clients through difficult financial issues, a testament to our attention to detail. A locally owned firm, we do what we can to accommodate even difficult schedules of our clients. You’ll recognize that our firm loves to listen. We consult with you in the beginning, and we keep you involved. We know that in order for us to offer top-notch solutions, we’ll need to take your input into account in all matters. For more information visit the site .


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